Russell Wilson is 29 years old and in his sixth NFL season. He's led the Seahawks to five straight playoff appearances, including two Super Bowls and a Lombardi Trophy. Given his style of play, which heavily relies on his elusiveness in the pocket and ability to outrun just about everybody else on the field, it's reasonable to expect Wilson to play another five or six years, and by 35 move on to the next phase of his life.

Turns out, Wilson has different plans.

"I definitely wanna play until my mid-40s," he told Mike Florio on the PFT PM podcast. "I think it's something that I've been very passionate about, and taking care of my health and really trying to dive into the longevity now ... For me it's an everyday process. I have a full-time trainer, Decker Davis, I have a full-time chef as well, Chef Andrea, and I have a full time [physical therapist] and massage person ... I'm constantly getting work and getting stretched so that way my body and be super mobile and can maneuver really well. That's really key to feel fresh every day. I have always have had a big dream of playing for a long time. So that's always key for me."

This sounds a lot like Tom Brady, who at 40 is the NFL's best player, and is a strict adherent to a specialized diet and workout plan that keeps him at the top of his game nearly two decades after he was drafted.

Two years ago, Brady said he wanted to play another 10 years, and Wilson sounds like he's good for another 15 years -- and he hasn't even thought about playing anywhere but in Seattle.

"I think that reality is in professional sports things change and times change and coaches and people and everything else," Wilson explained, continuing, "One of my dreams is to have always played for the same team for a really, really long time and my whole entire career. One of my favorite players in the world is Derek Jeter. I mean to think about Derek Jeter playing for the New York Yankees for 20-plus years and to be in New York City and play for that team and win multiple World Series. That is true excellence. That is a true legacy. I hope that I can do that. I hope I get the fortunate situation to be able to play for the Seattle Seahawks for 20-plus years. Guys like Kobe Bryant who played for the Lakers for 20-plus years."

CBS Sports color commentator and former Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has talked about why Brady is so good, and why he can continue to play at such a high level for several more years (per Chris Wesseling):

"If you're a great pure thrower of the footbal, you can play into your 40s. So if you're Brett Favre because you throw this really tight spiral, you've got a great motion. If you're not a great thrower and you lose a little bit of your hip speed, your arm talent, then you really can't, in my opinion. The two ways to keep you playing: great arm talent, and then have a decent offensive line."

Wilson and Brady are completely different quarterbacks, but Aaron Rodgers and Wilson share a similar style. Romo thinks Rodgers can play into his 40s too.

"I think Aaron is one of those guys who is uniquely talented. Special player in our league for a long time. He can go as long as he wants to," Romo said this summer, via "If he stays injury-free, he may be in his eyes on the back nine, but as long as he wants to continue to take hits, he'll be able to play until he's 45."

For now, Wilson will continue to carry the Seahawks on his back and back to the playoffs -- and remain a favorite for league MVP.