The Seattle Seahawks are one of those teams that very rarely end up picking in the first round of the NFL Draft. That was the case again in the 2017 NFL Draft, as Seattle managed to trade down.

But John Schneider didn't just move down once. No, that wasn't enough. He moved down three times before making a pick. And while doing so, he managed to pick up a bevy of additional picks and then land a high-quality player anyway.

Let's run through them (you can check them all here on our 2017 NFL Draft Tracker):

Trade 1: SEA trades No. 26 overall to ATL for No. 31, No. 95, No. 249

Trade 2: SEA trades No. 31 overall to SF for No. 34, No. 111

Trade 3: SEA trades No. 34 overall to JAX for No. 35, No. 187

The first deal was Atlanta trying to move up and grab Takkarist McKinley, quite the nice move for the Falcons. It wasn't cheap, though, and Seattle picked up an extra third-round pick in order to move down, as well as a late pick. That's nice work for just sliding down five spots, even in the first round.

The second deal was just dropping three spots, out of the first round, in order for the 49ers to come get Reuben Foster. It's a little surprising that the Seahawks didn't hijack John Lynch a little more for the pick (it was skipping days after all), but they must have felt they could easily move back and still get their guy considering how the first round fell.

The third trade is the best one: Seattle called Jacksonville and was like, "Hey, give us a sixth-round pick to move up one pick or else we'll trade this pick to someone else." That's ransom, pure and simple. Straight gangster. The Jaguars paid, obviously.

And then the Seahawks were on the clock, landing Malik McDowell.

Pete Prisco loved the pick, giving McDowell an "A."

"This is another really good pick early in the round. He has top-10 talent, but there are some effort questions. Right team here," Prisco said.

McDowell is one of those guys who flashes in a big way when he's on, but when he's off there are questions about his motor and apparently issues with his attitude. It's easy to agree 100 percent with Pete on this being the right team -- Seattle will max out the effort for McDowell and they just got another really talented defensive lineman to add to their lethal front seven. 

Oh, and they also got a bunch of picks. The rich just got richer, and everyone was reminded that Scheinder and the Seahawks know what they're doing on draft day.