If you didn't know Takkarist McKinley wants out of North Georgia, you do now. The former first-round pick made it clear last season he hoped the Atlanta Falcons would ship him out of town ahead of the trade deadline, but they didn't. Fast forward one year later to the present and McKinley was on the trade block, but again saw the deadline come and go without him being in a new uniform. At this point, he's fed up with how the Falcons are handling the situation, and he took to social media on Wednesday morning to blast the organization for turning down what he felt was viable offers.

"These Falcons turned down a second-round draft pick when I requested to get traded last year," McKinley wrote on Twitter. "The same Falcons turned down a fifth- and a sixth-round draft pick from multiple teams when I requested to get traded this year. I only have 17.5 career sacks."

The final sentence is oozing with sarcasm, and was followed with three clown emojis aimed at the team's ownership. Currently operating as interim head coach in the wake of Dan Quinn's firing, Raheem Morris promised consequences will follow McKinley's comments -- per Jason Butt of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Whether that's a fine, a suspension or worse is to be determined.

It's been reported the Falcons were standing firm on a fourth-round pick, per Mike Garofolo of NFL Network, but no team was willing to pay that price in 2020 -- one year after (as McKinley claims) they turned down a much more lucrative offer for his services. What makes it all more curious is the fact Atlanta has declined to invoke McKinley's fifth-year option for 2021, meaning he'll be an unrestricted free agent after the season. By shrugging off offers for his services this season, they're now in a position wherein they'll land nothing more than a potential comp pick in 2022 if the two sides part ways this coming offseason as expected.

Currently in the final year of his rookie deal, McKinley is on the Falcons' books for $3.25 million against the cap, and some of that could've been shed via trade and saved $1.86 million in the process. If McKinley is now pushing indirectly for an outright release, the Falcons' cap savings drop to $1.2 million, but McKinley wouldn't have his choice of teams to play for -- not yet anyway.

Even as a vested veteran with at least three accrued seasons under his belt, because the NFL trade deadline has now passed, a release would subject McKinley to waivers. That means any of the other 31 teams who put in a claim have a shot at landing him, the odds of each team being directly connected to their current record. That means he could end up leaving a bad team in Atlanta and landing with a worst one -- e.g., the New York Jets, New York Giants, etc. -- unless no claims are placed, in which case he'll become an unrestricted free agent.

Given the fact he does have the aforementioned 17.5 sacks in only 25 starts, it seems a foregone conclusion he won't escape waivers. But maybe that's irrelevant to McKinley, who is desperately trying to climb out of his Falcons jersey, and who doesn't want to wait until 2021 for it to happen.