After Tony Romo went down with a back injury during the third week of the preseason, most Cowboys fans were ready to give up on 2016, which makes sense because Dallas went 1-11 without Romo in 2015.

No one in Dallas is thinking about giving up on the season now though, and that's thanks in large part to Dak Prescott.

Through three weeks, the rookie quarterback has been one of the biggest surprises of the season in the NFL. Not only has Prescott led the Cowboys to a 2-1 record, but he's done it while putting up impressive numbers (66 of 99, 767 yards, one TD, zero interceptions).

Despite Prescott's success, the plan in Dallas is to send him back to the bench once Romo's ready to play, which could happen sometime in the next month.

One person who thinks that's a horrible plan is former Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw. During an interview with Colin Cowherd this week, the four-time Super Bowl champion said that he'd hand the starting job to Prescott and keep Romo on the bench.

"I would not put Dak Prescott on the bench," Bradshaw said. "I would leave him as the starter and I wouldn't have a problem with that at all. Now, Tony will have a problem with that and I don't blame him, but the way this kid's playing, I wouldn't bench him."

If anyone in the Cowboys' locker room has an issue with Prescott becoming the full-time starter, Bradshaw says, "They'll have to get over it."

Former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann feels the same way as Bradshaw. However, instead of benching Romo, Theismann would tell the 36-year-old quarterback to retire.

"After Tony got hurt, I made this statement and I stand by it: I don't think Tony should play football anymore," Theismann told 105.3 The Fan, a CBS Sports Radio station, recently (via the Dallas Morning News). "I care a lot about Tony Romo the man, the father, the husband. He's established himself. He has nothing to prove down in Dallas. A lot of guys leave this game without a ring. That's not the whole thing. You want to be able to walk away from the game."

One person who doesn't want to see Romo retire or get benched is Prescott. During an interview held in the days after Dallas beat Washington in Week 2, Prescott made it clear who the team's starting quarterback is.

"This is Romo's team. I've said that from the moment that I was named the starter and he went down," Prescott said, via "I'm just trying to do my best to win games and put this team in a successful position to do that, week in and week out."

Although the Cowboys seem sold on Romo right now, you have to think they'll at least entertain the thought of moving forward with Prescott if he leads them to a 7-1 or 6-2 record during Romo's absence. Romo is expected to be healthy enough to return by Week 10 at the latest.