The only thing better than free beer is if your favorite team wins the Super Bowl, and believe it or not, Eagles fans might be getting both of those things this year thanks to a crazy preseason promise from Bud Light. 

The fun started back in August when Philadelphia offensive lineman Lane Johnson said that he was going to give out free beer to "everybody" if the Eagles were somehow able to win the Super Bowl. 

"I have a lot to prove to this city," Johnson said at the time. "I think if we have a few big years and make the playoffs, if we win a Super Bowl, I'm giving out beer to everybody." 

Although giving out beer to "everybody" sounds like a great idea, the fact of the matter is that it is highly expensive to give out free beer to everyone. I just did some quick back-of-the-napkin math, and it looks like it would cost Johnston millions to give out free beer to "everybody."

Fortunately for Johnson though, that's where Bud Light comes in. After the company heard about Johnson's promise, they jumped in and offered to foot the bill on all the free beer. 

Talk about your all-time backfire. 

Back in August, the Eagles had 50-to-1 odds to win the Super Bowl, so Bud Light's promise didn't seem so crazy. However, the Eagles are now only one game away from taking home the Lombardi Trophy, which means Bud Light might want to start shipping some extra beer to Philadelphia just to be safe.

The company has confirmed that they're going to stand by their promise to hook up everyone in Philadelphia if the Eagles end up beating the Patriots on Feb. 4. Obviously, this would only apply to people of the legal drinking age. 

"Bud Light has not forgotten about our commitment to Lane Johnson, the Eagles and the city of Philadelphia," the company said in a statement to CBS Philly. "We will be sharing plans soon, but in the interest of not jinxing the team ahead of their upcoming games, we are not going to unveil any plans at this time. We wish the Eagles the best of luck this weekend."

And now, we go to a live reaction of Eagles fans receiving the news. 

Eagles fans could soon be drinking some free Bud Light.  USATSI

Dilly dilly, Philly. 

All that's standing in the way of Eagles fans and their free beer is a win over the Patriots in Super Bowl LII. If all that happens, anyone within driving distance of Philly should probably make their way to the city as soon as possible to score the free beer, because who doesn't love free beer?

The good news for Bud Light is that they're actually an official NFL sponsor and it wouldn't be surprising at all if they end up making some sort of crazy commercial to explain the beer bet that they made with Johnson. After all, they have already made one commercial that supports the Eagles. 

"Philly, Philly."