The Philadelphia Eagles won their first-ever Super Bowl on Sunday night, defeating the Patriots in a thrilling shootout, 41-33.

It was long-awaited glory for the Eagles and their fans, who may not have thought such a conclusion to the season was possible when Carson Wentz went down with a devastating knee injury. However, Nick Foles filled in admirably in Wentz's absence and led Philly to eternal glory and claimed the Super Bowl MVP trophy in the process.

And, thus, an all-night party was born.

Say what you want about Philadelphia fans, but they sure are passionate. You knew that they would take the streets and wreak some havoc regardless of the outcome, but it was happy destruction that came in the wake of Super Bowl LII. Fans flooded the streets and the results were pretty crazy.

Joel Embiid showed up on a local TV station's live broadcast for an impromptu interview.

Of course, you knew they were going to climb the light poles despite the city's best efforts to deter them.

They jumped off the awning of the Ritz-Carlton downtown, then destroyed that same awning. 

There was fire.

There was even an Eagles celebration back in Boston...sort of.

For more coverage of the Eagles fans celebrating, head over to CBS News to follow it LIVE.