Earlier this week, the Boston Globe published a report that described a tenuous relationship between Patriots coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady's trainer and close friend, Alex Guerrero, who uses alternative training methods. In its story, the Globe reported that Belichick has limited Guerrero's presence around the team by banning him from team's airplane and sideline.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that when Brady met with reporters on Friday, they wanted to ask him about Belichick and Guerrero's relationship. It also shouldn't be surprising that Brady didn't want to talk about the report.

Here's how the somewhat tense interaction went:

And here's a transcript:

Brady: "I don't really agree with your question. So I don't know what you're talking about. How do you know what [Belichick] said?" 

Reporter: "So are you saying the report that the access ..."

Brady: "I'm not saying anything. How do you say that [Belichick] said anything? You don't know anything about that."

Reporter: "Bill never told you that he was removing Alex from the sideline or team flights?"

Brady: "Well, I have a lot of conversations with him. Those are private between he and I. I don't think anyone knows what we talk about. I've never talked about it. He's never talked about it."

Again, this shouldn't be surprising. Brady often doesn't like to talk about the more controversial stories about him that appear in the media. It's not exactly the way he operates. And he's not alone in that method of handling the media. 

Earlier on Friday, Belichick also refused to comment about the report.

"Look," Belichick said, "we have a lot of people that work for our team outside of the team, and there are different relationships, different situations with dozens of other people. So, I'm not going to go through a case-by-case of what everybody does and so forth. That would be impossible to do, and I'm not going to do it."

By now, it's clear: Even if there is some tension between Brady, Belichick, and Guerrero, we're never going to hear about it from them. It's not the way the Patriots deal with stories about possible schisms within their building.

Either way, nobody should expect this to tear apart the Patriots. Even though Guerrero's access has been reportedly limited in recent weeks, Brady and the Patriots still managed to go into Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers, giving them control over the No. 1 seed in the AFC -- which means the Patriots likely won't have to leave New England throughout the playoffs, which means Guerrero will have no need for the Patriots' airplane in the weeks to come.