While the scoreline read 0-0 at the end of the Gremio-Internacional Copa Libertadores match Thursday, it was far from indicative of the amount of action that went down in the game. In the final minutes of the second half, a confrontation between a player from each side led to some pushing, shoving and one player putting his hands on the neck of an opponent. Two players were sent off immediately for the action.

Just moments after it seemed like things should have been calmed down, the camera immediately cut to the touchline where seemingly everyone on each side got involved in an all-out brawl. By the end of the second fracas, eight players had been sent off for what they had done during the big fight.

All in all, Gremio lost Pepe, Luciano de Rocha Neves, Caio Henrique Oliveira Silva and Paulo Miranda. Internacional, meanwhile, saw Edenilson, Moises Robert Barbosa, Victor Cuesta and Bruno Conceicao Praxedes sent off.

The broadcasters in that clip seem to be particularly annoyed with how things broke out, and they seem to have every right to be. Sure, the original two combatants were quite physical with one another but it's difficult to find a single explanation for why things grew to the scale that they eventually did.

After the match, Internacional manager Eduardo Coudet called the Copa Libertadores the one of the most beautiful tournaments in the world.