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With Kyler Murray off the board first overall, the biggest domino at the QB position has fallen. We'll pick up the rest of the first-round passers right here, starting with Dwayne Haskins, Washington's replacement for Alex Smith

Washington takes Dwayne Haskins No. 15 overall 

It was a long wait for Dwayne Haskins and there was no reward at the end. The former Ohio State Buckeye landed in one of the worst spots a rookie quarterback could ask for.

We expect Haskins to beat out Case Keenum for the starting job, but there's no guarantee he'll do that by Week 1. When he does, he'll deal inherit a receiving corps that is led by either Josh Doctson or Paul RIchardson, neither of whom is particularly inspiring. 

In the short term this looks like an offense that wants to run the ball and protect their defense. There isn't high volume or high upside available here in 2019. 

Long term, Haskins has a skillset that one could be excited about if surrounded by talent. He's a rhythm pocket passer with very little athleticism. He's an accurate passer who is adequate at reading defenses, but he's not someone who is going to elevate mediocre talent around him.

You can ignore Haskins in redraft leagues, but he's worth a late pick for Dynasty leagues, as well as a late-second round pick in rookie-only drafts. — Heath Cummings

Giants take Daniel Jones No. 6 overall

NFL scouts love Jones for his traits and skill-set, not for the numbers he produced at Duke. Jones' stats were terrible, partially because his O-line couldn't block well for him and because his receivers had easy drops every game. 

While he had flashes of thriving while on the move or under duress, he also had plenty of tipped passes, hurried throws and overall bad decisions. Truth is, his arm strength is just solid. His accuracy in clean pockets is typically good thanks in part to very good, well-coached footwork in the pocket and mobility out of it. 

He seems to have the intelligence for the position, which adds to his appeal, but he can't be called NFL-ready. The Giants will use Eli Manning as their starter in 2019 before handing over the keys to Jones in 2020.

No one will draft Jones in seasonal leagues; he'll be a very late pick in long-term keeper and dynasty start-ups and probably won't get taken until Round 3 in rookie-only drafts. — Dave Richard