On May 4, Star Wars fans from all over grab their lightsabers, toss their hair in two buns like Princess Leia and dust off their Darth Vader masks to celebrate. The day is a play off the famous Star Wars quote "may the force be with you," and is a way for Star Wars fans to unlock their inner Jedi and rewatch the movies.

That includes athletes and teams. Both are celebrating on Monday, from photoshopping Star Wars-inspired backgrounds into photos and making videos of their players holding lightsabers instead of baseball bats. Baseball teams, from minor league affiliates to MLB teams, have been known to host Star Wars themed days around this time, giving out bobbleheads related to the movie. With the coronavirus pandemic stopping all sports, teams from all sports are forced (pun intended) to celebrate online instead.

Here are some of the ways Star Wars fans in the sports world are spending this unofficial national holiday:

Someone tell the New England Patriots to put "Skywalker" on the back of Julian Edelman's jersey instead.

I just hope the Houston Astros aren't using the force to gain a competitive advantage.

Are lightsabers approved by the MLB yet? As long as they don't have any pine tar on them, they should be fine.

The Millennium Falcon made a pitstop and landed in New York.

"I am your father." -Eli Manning to Daniel Jones, probably

Andrew Benintendi, part-time Red Sox outfielder, part-time Jedi Master.

 "Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is." -Baby Yoda