New York Yankees fans, congratulations. You got your guy. Free agent pitcher Gerrit Cole is off the market and heading to the Big Apple. The star signed a record-breaking $324 million contract over nine years, putting him in pinstripes.

The pitcher was long rumored to be heading to a West Coast team to be closer to where he grew up after he made it rather obvious that he would not be returning to the Houston Astros. Some "mystery teams" crept up during the MLB Winter Meetings, but the Yankees got the deal done late Tuesday night. 

Of course, everyone flooded to social media to give their take on the whole thing. Here are some of the best reactions. 

Yankees fans woke up feeling great this morning:

The price was nearly one million dollars for every strikeout in 2019, and he got it. (Minus $2 million, but close enough)

Cole is headed straight to the bank.

Some people are sweating just looking at how much money Cole is getting.

But remember, it's not your money.

Let's put the dollar sign in perspective for a minute. 

Current Yankees players, including Aaron Judge, had to hop on Twitter to share their excitement

When words fail, emojis and gifs are here to express excitement. 

Stephen Strasburg's record-breaking contract with the Washington Nationals did not hold the title for very long.

Can't you just picture him already at Yankee Stadium in those classic, iconic, Nike logo -- I mean pinstripe -- jerseys.

This is a pretty good point, that parking is expensive. 

Kids, if you are reading this and you want to one day have $324 million, my best advice is to pick up a baseball, like yesterday.

Many Yankees fans were mourning the loss of Didi Gregorius, who is leaving town for the Philadelphia Phillies, earlier on Tuesday:

... but I think the addition of Cole will make them feel a little bit better.