On David Samson's podcast "Nothing Personal with David Samson," the host discusses where free agent pitcher Gerrit Cole might land. Now retired pitcher CC Sabathia thinks Cole should head to the Yankees because they may wind up paying him more and Samson completely agrees. 

While many believe Cole, who is coming off the World Series loss with the Houston Astros, will join the Los Angeles Angels or Los Angeles Dodgers to be back in his home state, Sabathia, who is also from California, wanted to make sure people know the Yankees should not be written off for that fact alone. 

On Sabathia's podcast, R2C2 UNINTERRUPTED, he said, "You offer him enough money he'll pitch on the moon."

Samson is thrilled that the former Yankees pitcher is acknowledging that money is king. 

Samson said on Sabathia's comments:

"He did something that made me very happy. He finally stood up and said what we all know inside the baseball industry to be completely true. He said that any player will go any place for for money. Now he didn't exactly say it like that but I'm gonna translate."

Samson went on to talk about his experiences with the free agent market and wants to make sure people know that players will go where there's money, it's not all about team preference. 

Samson said many people would ask him why a player would want to go to the then-Florida Marlins given the team's season expectations. "I would scream at the top of my lungs, 'of course a free agent will come here, all we have to do is offer one more dollar than any other team."

He said there's no issue with it, that's just how the game works, "And that's not collusion, that's just giving in to what an agent wants."

He calls getting Cole to the East Coast, "not a big deal," and says all you have to do is pay him.

It isn't as easy as it sounds, Samson points out, and comments that the Yankees have been veering away from paying their players large contracts for extended periods. 

He said the Yankees always have problems in convincing players to come using money alone because they don't want to overspend and get the reputation that they throw money at their free agents. This was their narrative for so long and they are trying to create a different reputation.