On Sunday, we were treated to a pair of walk-off winners, with the Diamondbacks and Cardinals sending their fans home extremely happy. On Monday, though, we witnessed the first walk-off home run of the season and came from the big bat of Orioles slugger Mark Trumbo. He took down the Blue Jays in the 11th inning with this job: 

Trumbo picks up where he left off last season, as he led the majors in home runs with 47 in the regular season and he also added one in the wild card game. 

Speaking of which, it had to feel good for the Orioles to take down the Blue Jays in similar fashion to how the wild-card game ended. 

The Trumbo walk-off winner here was historic, as it was the first walk-off home run on opening day in Orioles history. It’s also the first in the majors since 2014, when Neil Walker, then of the Pirates, did so to the Cubs