After pulling off one of the most dominating wins of Week 4 on Sunday, not everyone in the Packers locker room was happy following the team's 22-0 beatdown of the Buffalo Bills

For the Packers defense, it was one of their best performances in years. The team sacked Bills quarterback Josh Allen a total of seven times and pitched a shutout for the first time since October 2010. Although the Packers offense also put up some big numbers in the form of 423 total yards, Aaron Rodgers was not impressed with what he saw on the field. 

As a matter of fact, Rodgers basically used his postgame press conference to call out the team's offense. 

"We were terrible on offense," Rodgers said. "I don't think it made a difference for the offense. That's what it was. It was as bad as we've played on offense with that many yards in a long time."

Although Rodgers didn't call out any individual players, he did seem to take a few subtle shots at the Packers coaching staff and their offensive play calling. For one, he said the game had no "flow."  

"I thought a lot of people played really good," Rodgers said. "But there was no flow to the game. There was a little bit in the first half."

Rodgers also noted that the game plan didn't do a good job of getting the football in the hands of key players like Davante Adams and Jimmy Graham

"We need to find ways to get our playmakers in position to get some more opportunities," Rodgers said. "I mean, Davante is a tough cover for anybody, he should have had 20 targets today. They couldn't stop him and they dared to play one-high a few times. So we've got to find ways to get him involved and Jimmy as well."

Adams caught eight passes for 81 yards while Graham caught three passes for 21 yards and a touchdown.

So why didn't those guys get more targets?

"It's by the plan," Rodgers said. 

No one does passive-aggressive like Rodgers. 

If the Packers had done a better job with their offensive game plan, Rodgers thinks the team could have put up at least 45 points on the Bills. 

"I'm also a realist. That's just not acceptable offense for us," Rodgers said, via the team's official website. "Four hundred and twenty-three yards looks pretty good in comparison to some of the games we've put forward the first three weeks, but it should have been about 45 points and 600 yards."

Although Rodgers is absolutely correct here -- because the Packers could definitely stand to be more creative with their game plan -- it's also fair to pin some of the responsibility for the team's lack of success on him. The quarterback has missed multiple practices over the past few weeks due to his knee injury and it's easy to get out-of-sync when you're not practicing, even if you're Aaron Rodgers. It's also possible that the Packers are being timid with their offensive play-calling because they don't want to put Rodgers in a situation where he might make his injury worse. 

Of course, the only reason the Packers are a playoff contender every year is because of Rodgers, so Mike McCarthy should be doing everything possible to keep his quarterback happy. 

Whatever's going on in Green Bay, Rodgers definitely hasn't been afraid to call people out this year. The comments on Sunday came less than two months after he called out multiple receivers on the team for giving a 'piss poor' effort during training camp