With less than 48 hours to go until NFL free agency kicks off, it looks like Adrian Peterson has narrowed his list of teams he might prefer to play for. 

According to NFL.com, the two teams at the top of Peterson’s free agency wish list are the Oakland Raiders and Seattle Seahawks. Yes, Peterson would also be interested in playing for the Patriots, but he’s not sure if they’re interested in him. Peterson’s dad, Nelson, confirmed to the St. Paul-Pioneer Press that the Raiders and Seahawks would likely be Adrian’s top two choices if he doesn’t hear from New England. 

At this point, the front-runner for Peterson’s services might be the Raiders. 

“What we personally like about the Raiders is the offensive line. They haven’t been playing around,” Nelson Peterson told the Pioneer Press

At 31-years-old, Peterson is already anciently old for a running back, which is why it makes sense that he only seems to be looking for two things in free agency: He wants to play for a team with a strong offensive line and he wants to play for a contender. 

The Raiders definitely check both of those boxes, especially since they’re coming off their first playoff berth in 14 years.

If he were to sign with the Seahawks, Peterson would definitely have a shot at getting to the playoffs, but he’d be playing behind one of the NFL’s worst offensive lines. 

As for the Patriots, if they ever call Peterson, he’d probably be on the first flight to New England. From an offensive standpoint, the Patriots probably have the system best suited for Peterson. 

With LeGarrette Blount expected to leave in free agency, the Patriots will likely looking for a bruising running back to replace him. 

The downside of signing with either the Raiders or Seahawks is that they both run their offenses primarily out of shotgun, which is something Peterson isn’t used to. According to ESPN.com, nearly 95 percent of Peterson’s career carries have come with the quarterback under center. 

That’s a huge number when you consider the fact that both the Raiders and Seahawks were in shotgun formation more than 67 percent of the time in 2016 (The Patriots only lined up in shotgun 53.7 percent of the time). 

The Seahawks and Raiders might be at the top of Peterson’s wish list, but because of his skillset, it will be interesting to see if he’s at the top of their free agency wish lists.