After 10 seasons in Minnesota, there’s a good chance that Adrian Peterson won’t be returning to the Vikings next season after the team declined to pick up his 2017 option. 

However, just because Peterson can leave Minnesota doesn’t mean he will. During an interview with the St. Paul Pioneer Press on Tuesday, Peterson’s dad, Nelson, listed off several teams that his son might want to play for in 2017, and surprisingly, it seems that the Vikings are at the top of the list. 

“He wants to come back to the Vikings, but it’s not up to him,’’ Nelson Peterson said. “The ball is in the Vikings’ court.’’

Nelson Peterson also added that as long as the Vikings don’t “lowball” his son with an offer, then Adrian would probably end up staying in Minnesota for the upcoming season. 

“The Vikings will make an offer, and the offer they make will determine if they want Adrian Peterson, their all-time leading rusher, and a Hall of Famer, to finish his career in Minnesota,’’ Nelson said. “The only way it won’t work out is if the Vikings lowball him.’’

It’s not clear what a “lowball” offer would be, but Peterson was scheduled to make a total of $18 million in 2017 if Minnesota had picked up his option. If the team offers him half of that -- or even a third -- it wouldn’t be a total surprise to see him accept it.

After the Vikings cut ties with Adrian Peterson on Tuesday, the running back said the door was still open for a possible return. 

“It’s been a great 10 years with the Minnesota Vikings,” Peterson told ESPN in a statement. “They know what I bring to the organization as a player, with my work ethic and dedication. I spoke with Rick Spielman this past weekend. The door is still open to find some common ground.”

Peterson’s camp is expected to meet with the Vikings during the NFL combine this week, and it’s possible that a new deal could get hammered out there. 

On the other hand, if things don’t work out with the Vikings, Peterson definitely has his eyes on a few other locations. According to dear old dad, the Raiders and Packers would both be “in the mix.”

“I would think it’s a dream team if he has an opportunity to be in the backfield with Aaron Rodgers,” Nelson told the Pioneer Press. “Wow. You know you have to throw them in the mix. It’s something he’d have to look at.”

Nelson also hinted that Adrian would even consider playing for the Patriots if they wanted him. 

Basically, it sounds like Adrian Peterson is willing to play for anyone except for the Browns

“It’s not like he’s going to say, ‘I’m going to the Cleveland Browns,’” Nelson said. “He’s going to narrow it down to a team that’s a contender if it’s not the Vikings.”

Sorry, Browns fans.’s Will Brinson put together of list of potential landing spots for Peterson (hello, Cowboys). You can check that out by clicking here