One of the biggest mistakes in Week 6 was not taking into account the Raidersbizarre travel schedule as they headed to London to play the Seahawks. If we'd paid attention, there was money to be made and a team to be faded aggressively. The Raiders ultimately decided to leave on Thursday afternoon, arriving Friday, for a game on Sunday. 

That's very little time in between leaving Oakland, landing in London -- which are approximately 97 time zones apart -- and playing a professional football game. On today's Pick Six Podcast (it's a daily NFL show, you should subscribe: via iTunes | via Stitcher | via TuneIn | via Google Play), CBS Sports Brady Quinn hopped on to the phone to break down the Monday night game between the Packers and 49ers along with other NFL storylines from the week that was.

Of particular note to me was Brady's breakdown of the Raiders travel schedule. Turns out, back in 2010 when Brady was with the Broncos, they did the exact same thing heading over to London for a game. Just like the Raiders, who left on Thursday and landed on Friday, Quinn's Broncos had a red eye from the western part of America all the way over to London. Things did not go well.

"So here's my experience: I was with the Denver Broncos in 2010. And we flew over Thursday late in the day and it ended up being a red eye so we got in Friday morning. And I remember talking to my girlfriend then, now wife, she's an Olympic gymnast. And she said, the one thing with international travel, you never want to compete on the third day after travel. So I said 'why's that?' and she said 'that's when you feel your worst, you haven't adjusted to the time zone yet.' 

"So, we're playing the San Francisco 49ers, they happen to have played Carolina the week before, so they flew right over from that game on Sunday over to London. So they've already been there almost the whole week. They've been living it up, went to Harrah's, saw that big ball, the Tower of London, the eye of London, saw Big Ben and all that."

"We're just getting in there Friday morning, and I gotta be honest, we get in, we go to check into our hotel, I laid down -- because I think we had 45 minutes before our first meeting -- I thought I had fallen asleep for eight days. I get up, groggy as hell, we go to our meetings, then we go to some cricket meeting to do some walkthrough. Everyone felt like garbage."

"The next day we get up, kind of feel a little bit better, but not great. And sure enough, game day, guys are walking in like 'What happened??' It was like we had been out all night on a bender, and maybe some guys had been -- I had not, but I felt like garbage and most of the rest of our team did as well -- and we ended up playing this 49ers team that was rested, adjusted and they basically kicked our ass."

For those that don't remember the game, this was the 49ers team being coached by Mike Singletary in his final year (Jim Tomsula would take over as interim head coach) and it had Troy Smith starting at quarterback in this game. Alex Smith, who was not a favorite quarterback of the team at the time, suffered a shoulder injury against the Panthers and Troy had to take over for him. 

This was Josh McDaniels' final season -- losses like the one to San Francisco in London helped the Broncos suffer a nightmare season in which they moved on from the fiery former Patriots coach (who is now back in New England).

The game wasn't quite as bad as Brady remembers -- the 49ers were only up 3-0 at half, but the Broncos offense was completely lethargic. They didn't manage any points until Tim Tebow ran in for a touchdown in the third quarter, at which point they actually took the lead. Denver would extend the lead to 10-3 before giving up 21 unanswered points and then throwing in a late Kyle Orton/Brandon Lloyd touchdown pass in garbage time to lose by eight points. 

Oakland, by the way, managed less than 200 total yards and lost 27-3 in a game that was never remotely close. Seattle, for whatever it's worth, traveled over on Wednesday night to land Thursday morning, meaning they were playing on their fourth day, when their bodies would have adjusted.

The bottom line is this: as Brady pointed out, there is a fine line in NFL games when it comes to teams trying to find an advantage and win. And it's clear that traveling over on a Friday before a Sunday game is a major disadvantage. Keep that in mind when looking at London games and the teams playing. It's a lesson I wish I'd known/thought about before Sunday afternoon.