Mangini calls his role in Spygate a 'disappointment.' (Getty Images)

In light of recent "Wait, why on Earth would he say that out loud?!" comments from Ravens head coach John Harbaugh singling out the Patriots' championships as "stained" due to Spygate, the man responsible for New England's fall from grace in 2007 spoke Tuesday about his part in all of it.

The man in question: Eric Mangini, then-Jets head coach in '07 who later went on to coach the Browns before becoming an NFL analyst with ESPN. During an appearance on NFL Live, Mangini admitted that if he could get his hands on a time machine, he never would've informed NFL security that the Patriots were taping the Jets' signals during the Week 1 game of the 2007 season.

“If there is a decision I could take back it’s easily that decision,” Mangini said (via “Never in a million years would I have wanted it to go this way. It’s disappointing whenever it comes up.”

Before landing the Jets' gig, Mangini was the Patriots' defensive coordinator. Despite turning in his former boss, or Harbaugh's claim of a "stained" championship, Mangini believes New England's accomplishments are legit.

“It’s regret, it’s disappointment, it’s all of those things,” Mangini said of the whole he views Spygate saga more than four years later. “Because I know what it took to win those Super Bowls and I have so much respect for the people that were involved there. I’m disappointed that this is what it’s translated into.”

As's Michael David Smith points out, Magini's disappointment may stem from the perception that he has loose lips, which can be problematic in a profession built on loyalty and, ultimately, keeping your mouth shut.

It's not the first time Mangini has apologized publicly. Seven months ago in a radio interview he talked about Spygate and his relationship with Belichick, the man who played a big role in his coaching career.

"It's one of those things where the end result wasn't the goal," Mangini said at the time of the scandal. "I owe so much to Bill, I appreciate what he's done for me and my intention was never to hurt him or the [Patriots] organization, the Kraft family. Yeah, there's a lot of regrets, I didn't want to hurt him or the Patriots by any stretch."

In related news: Patriots face the Ravens in Week 3 of the 2012 NFL season. That should be fun.

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