We are still waiting on that first reported NFL team to approach Baltimore Ravens star quarterback Lamar Jackson to potentially negotiate a new deal, and we may have to wait until after the 2023 NFL Draft. If there's one team to keep an eye on, it appears to be the Indianapolis Colts.

While the Colts hold the No. 4 overall pick in the draft, they haven't publicly expressed their disinterest in Jackson much like the other quarterback-needy teams have. Last month, ESPN reported that the Colts had not ruled out having discussions with Jackson, who received the non-exclusive franchise tag earlier this offseason, but that the franchise has not taken any steps toward doing so. Last week, team owner Jim Irsay told reporters that he doesn't believe in fully guaranteed contracts -- which is exactly what Jackson is reportedly looking for. 

As we inch closer to the draft, it appears the Colts will indeed select a quarterback with their top pick. When you throw in the fact that acquiring Jackson would not only take a record-breaking contract, but also two first-round picks, maybe it's not hard to understand why general managers aren't lining up outside Jackson's door. 

The Athletic reports that Irsay wants to chase the draft-and-develop route, which offers financial flexibility for team-building. The Colts aren't ruling anything out, but "deep down," Irsay reportedly wants Indy to find its new quarterback in the draft. This is something the Colts haven't done since Andrew Luck, but it appears they are poised to hop off the veteran QB carousel. 

"It seems like there's going to be a great prospect there," Irsay said of the fourth pick, "and we just have to make sure, you know, (he) fits Shane's model and really what he's looking for."

C.J. Stroud out of Ohio State and Bryce Young from Alabama are considered to be the favorites to go 1-2. Indy has to worry about the Arizona Cardinals at No. 3 overall, who could trade with a quarterback-needy team, but the Colts are guaranteed one of the top four quarterbacks in this class. Keep an eye on Will Levis from Kentucky, or Florida's Anthony Richardson.