At least one Bengals fan had better accuracy than Andy Dalton on Sunday. 

As Dalton walked off the field following his team's 20-0 loss to the Ravens, an irate a fan took off his hat and then threw it at Dalton, and hit him square in the left shoulder. As you can see below, Dalton ignored the mad hatter and ran straight into the team's locker room. 

To be honest, having a fan yell out, "I want Carson back" might actually be worse for Dalton than having a hat thrown at you. (Note: Don't throw things at players because if you get arrested, going to jail for throwing a hat is a horrible idea)  

Carson Palmer was the Bengals quarterback before the team traded him after Dalton's arrival in 2011, and coincidentally, he might have been the only quarterback in the NFL who looked as bad as Dalton did on Sunday. 

Anyway, Dalton basically played one of the worst games of his seven-year career, which is why Bengals fans were upset. 

I'm guessing they wanted to trade him for Carson Palmer. 

The red rifle looked more like Raggedy Andy as he threw four interceptions and lost a fumble. The loss to the Ravens marked only the second time in his career that Dalton has thrown four interceptions in a game. It also marked just the second time that the Bengals have been shut out since drafting Dalton in 2011. 

After the game, the Bengals quarterback took all the blame for the loss

"We didn't make any plays, and it starts with me," Dalton said, via the team's official website. "It's my fault; I didn't play well and give us a chance to win."

If any Bengals fans out there are hoping that coach Marvin Lewis will bench Dalton, unfortunately for you, it doesn't sound like that's going to happen. Lewis was pragmatic about Dalton's play following the loss. 

"Two were off tipped balls, and on the other one (Brandon) LaFell gets grabbed, even though I don't know if that has an effect on the play," Lewis said. "Brandon got tackled when he made the break on the play. Those things, and the tipped balls, didn't bounce our way. Sometimes they bounce our way, and sometimes they don't. Theirs happened to bounce right to them."

The Bengals will only have a few days to get over the loss because they'll be back on the field for a game on Thursday when they host the Texans