It has been a rough week for Colts fans.

Five days after Josh McDaniels left them at the altar, you can't blame them for being slightly skeptical on Sunday after the Colts officially announced that Frank Reich had been hired as head coach. As a matter fact, let's check out the hilarity that ensued on Twitter after the Colts made the official announcement.

The first question the Colts got...

... And then things got crazy. 

Things were so up in the air after the McDaniels situation that the Texans mascot even checked in to see if the Reich hiring was real. 

Oh, and here's a look at the most common question the Colts got after making the announcement. 

The Colts must have been reading their Twitter mentions because, eventually, they tweeted out a picture of Reich signing his deal, which is a picture WE NEVER GOT WITH JOSH MCDANIELS. 

On the other hand, that picture could be photoshopped. I'm thinking Colts fans are going to need more proof than that to show that Reich has actually signed a deal with the team. What else could we have him do?   

Great idea! 

And guess what? The Colts had Reich hold up a paper. 

Here's Reich holding a newspaper from Sunday, Feb. 11 to prove that he, in fact, did get hired on Sunday, Feb. 11. 

Not only did Reich actually get hired, but the Colts are going to prove it this week. The team has scheduled an introductory press conference for Tuesday. Now, if Reich doesn't show up for that, then we might have a problem.