It's time to add another item to the ever-expanding "That's so Browns" list. This addition should read, "Browns release Taylor Gabriel in September, Gabriel responds by turning into a game-changing playmaker for the Falcons."

On Sunday, Gabriel -- signed by Falcons after the Browns cut him -- exploded for two touchdowns against the Cardinals. Both were nothing more than quick screens that Gabriel turned into touchdowns with some pretty sweet moves after the catch.

And so, the Falcons did the polite thing: They thanked the Browns for releasing a player they definitely could've used.

Don't worry. Even though the Falcons used Wikipedia as their source, I can confirm via trustworthy sources that the Browns did in fact have Gabriel on their roster until they made final roster cuts in early September. When the Browns cut him, they were probably thinking that they didn't need him anymore after drafting four receivers.

They probably could've used these moves:

It's not like Gabriel didn't show flashes with the Browns, too. In two seasons, he caught 64 passes for 862 yards, averaging 13.5 yards per reception.

With the Falcons this year, Gabriel entered Sunday's game with 17 catches, 303 yards, and three touchdowns (two receiving, one rushing). Against the Cardinals, Gabriel caught four passes for 75 yards, adding in 27 yards on the ground.

The Browns lost to the Giants, by the way. They're 0-12.