The Cleveland Browns picked up a big win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night, but in the aftermath of the game, no one is really talking about who won or lost, and that's because the end of the game was marred by one of the wildest brawls that you'll ever see on an NFL field.  

In a fight that basically turned into total chaos, Browns pass-rusher Myles Garrett took off Mason Rudolph's helmet and then tried to hit him with it. Not only did Garrett take multiple swings at the Steelers quarterback, but he ended up getting at least one solid shot in on Rudolph, as you can see below.

The NFL ended up handing out multiple punishments after the fight with Garrett, Maurkice Pouncey, and Larry Ogunjobi all being hit with suspensions. Garrett has been banned indefinitely while Pouncey (three games) and Ogunjobi (one game) were both given shorter suspensions. 

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One player who didn't get hit with a suspension was Mason Rudolph. Shortly after the game, Rudolph had a choice word for Garrett's actions. Although the NFL didn't feel the need to punish the Steelers quarterback, at least one NFL player feels that Rudolph was partly to blame for the entire fiasco. 

Saints star Cam Jordan sent out two tweets on Friday morning, explaining why he thought Rudolph was in the wrong. From Jordan's point of view, Rudolph started the brawl. 

After taking some heat for defending Garrett, Jordan did point out that Garrett's actions were inexcusable. However, he did once again pin some of the blame on Rudolph for 'losing his mind.'

So what actually happened on the play?

With the Steelers facing a third-and-29 with just under 20 seconds left to play in the game, Rudolph dropped back to pass and that's when the chaos started. The play ended with Garrett taking Rudolph to the ground after the quarterback had thrown the ball. Rudolph thought the hit came late, and he retaliated by trying to rip Garrett's helmet off. 

Garrett then responded to Rudolph's actions by ripping off the quarterback's helmet and then swinging at him. 

Plenty of NFL players reacted to the fight on Thursday night, but Jordan is the only one who actually defended Garrett's actions by pointing that he believed it was Rudolph's fault for starting everything. As someone who plays the same position as Garrett, it's definitely interesting to hear Jordan's perspective, even if he's being grilled on Twitter for giving it. 

According to, Rudolph won't face a suspension for his actions, but he will likely be fined. In addition, Rudolph's representatives made it clear Garrett's actions will be reviewed thoroughly and he did not rule out taking further legal action.