When the Buccaneers announced last week that they were going to have a parrot announce their fourth-round draft pick, most of America got irrationally excited, because, who doesn't want to see a parrot announce a draft a pick. 

If you watched the draft last year, you may have noticed that the Colts broke new ground in the "animals announcing draft picks" department when they had an orangutan announce one of their picks. Although there was a lot of pressure on the orangutan, he managed to pull off his job flawlessly. 

Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Tampa's parrot, Zsa Zsa. According to the NFL, the parrot was supposed to "deliver the team's selection to a pick announcer" at Raymond James Stadium. Based on that description, that could mean one of two things: The parrot announces the pick himself with his parrot voice or he grabs the draft card with his claws and flies it to the announcer. 

However, we got neither of those things. Instead, we got 30 seconds of disappointment. 

As you'll notice, the parrot did nothing, and everyone on Twitter found that to be highly disappointing. 

Let's take a look at the reaction. 

A bird choking in front of millions of viewers? Feel like we've seen that before. 

Not everyone was mad about the parrot's choke job, though. As a matter of fact, this guy has a reasonable theory as to why the parrot didn't talk. 

Very possible, birds aren't snitches. 

Although it's easy to blame the parrot for its choke job, we should really be blaming the Buccaneers, because there's just no way a parrot can learn 400 names in three days. 

Anyway, if you're wondering what the Buccaneers actually did with the pick that the parrot was supposed to announce, they selected former Pitt safety Jordan Whitehead