One of the biggest hits from this season's NFL playoffs came during the wild-card round, when Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree leveled Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore during Pittsburgh's 30-12 win on Jan. 8.

Here's a look at the hit that left Moore down on the field for several minutes:

Despite the huge hit, Moore was back on the field after only one play, which raised a lot of questions about whether the Dolphins followed the NFL's concussion protocol. After two weeks of investigating, we have an answer.

The league announced Wednesday that the Dolphins didn't strictly follow concussion protocol after Moore went down. The NFL sent the Dolphins a letter advising the team that it "must engage their staff in a full review of the protocol and conduct additional education."

According to the NFL, Moore shouldn't have been allowed to return to the game so quickly since he had a documented symptom of a concussion: bleeding from the mouth.

However, the NFL did note that there were no "competitive issues" at play in Miami's decision to let Moore return to the game. Basically, the league doesn't believe the Dolphins skirted concussion protocol on purpose to get Moore back in the game as quickly as possible.

The Dolphins' punishment for breaking protocol is that there really is no punishment. The league has informed the team that any "future deviation from the protocol may result in enhanced discipline, including monetary fines assessed against the club."