Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was not happy about the way the first half ended for Kansas City's offense on Sunday. Even though the Chiefs were leading 14-10 at the half, Mahomes appeared upset as he headed to the locker room and apparently, he was mad at offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. 

As the two guys started heading off the field, cameras caught Mahomes and Bieniemy getting into a spat. At one point in the video below, Mahomes took his helmet off and had words with Bieniemy. The two continued to argue until Chiefs coach Andy Reid stepped in to break things up. 

It appears Mahomes was frustrated with the team's play-calling at the end the first half. After forcing the Colts to punt in the final minute of the second quarter, the Chiefs took over possession on their own 46-yard line with 34 seconds left to play. After getting hit with a holding penalty, the Chiefs were quickly pushed back to their own 36 while also losing five precious seconds. 

The Chiefs have a high-powered offense and Mahomes clearly wanted to try and at least get the team into field goal range, but Bieniemy had other plans. The Chiefs offensive coordinator called a Jerick McKinnon run on third down, which ended up running out the clock on the half. After the clock hit zero, Mahomes hunted down Bieniemy to give him a piece of his mind. 

The Colts kept Mahomes in check for most of the first half -- he only threw for 84 yards -- so it's possible his anger at Bieniemy was just his frustration with the entire first half boiling over. 

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