Officially, the Ravens called them gold, though mustard-colored probably better describes the pants they wore during Sunday's loss to the Chiefs. Whatever shade of yellow you go with, the general sense is that the new-look uniforms weren't well received.

But this wasn't some willy-nilly decision; it was a nod to the team's 20th anniversary season, and the color choice is also same gold used in the team's logo. Either way, coach John Harbaugh has some advice for the naysayers: do it yourself then.

"I think it's fun," Harbaugh said Monday, via the Baltimore Sun. "Uniforms are fun. They should be fun, and we want to be traditional. We have a look, I think, that we're proud of here in Baltimore, that stands out, and we want to build on that. But if we can be creative in there somewhere, I'm all for it. I want to play well. It doesn't really matter what color the pants are to me. If the players like it, I like it.

"But we want the fans to like them too, so it's official, we're having a contest," Harbaugh joked. "... Maybe we should do a contest for our third pant-color combination with the fans, so we can have them weigh in and we'd wear them."

The coach also said that the gold pants, which have been in the works since the 2014 season, would have been unveiled sooner if 2015 hadn't gone sideways so early.

"I think if we had been doing a little bit better, you might have seen them a little bit sooner," Harbaugh said. "But that was a nod to the tradition, a little bit. The players liked it, they like something different. I didn't take a vote to see who liked them or didn't like them, but they were excited to be out there in a little different look. They always like a different changeup."

The Ravens have been eliminated from the playoffs, but they have a chance to make things difficult for the Steelers, this week's opponent. Pittsburgh is currently the AFC's No. 6 seed, though they have the same record as the Jets, currently No. 7 in the playoff race.

A long day for the Ravens was made longer by those gold pants. (USATSI)
A long day for the Ravens was made longer by those gold pants. (USATSI)