If any NFL teams decide to try and pull off a trade during the 2016 draft, they're likely going to have more ammo with which to do it. According to ESPN.com, the league is expected to let teams trade compensatory picks for the upcoming draft. 

Although it's not a done deal, NFL owners are expected to approve the change in December at the next round of league meetings.

Compensatory picks, which have been handed out since 1994, are awarded in March. The league generally hands out 32 picks, with those picks being awarded to certain teams based on how many free agents they lost.

As the NFL explains, "Compensatory free agents are determined by a formula based on salary, playing time and postseason honors."

Out of the 32 picks awarded last year, Seattle, Kansas City and Denver came away as the big winners. 

The Seahawks, Chiefs and Broncos were each awarded four compensatory picks for the 2015 draft, but they weren't allowed to trade them. If those three teams were to get four picks for the 2016 draft, they'd be allowed to trade them. 

In 2015, compensatory picks were handed out for picks that took place between the third and seventh round.

For 2016, the Lions and Broncos are expected to get the most compensatory picks. The 2016 NFL Draft will run from April 28-30 and take place in Chicago. 

A rule change at the NFL Draft could lead to more trades. (USATSI)
A rule change at the NFL Draft could lead to more trades. (USATSI)