The Ravens better hope that Joe Flacco's back starts to heal soon because right now, the team doesn't appear to be in very good hands with backup quarterback Ryan Mallett

With Flacco nursing a sore back, Mallett was forced to take most of the first-team snaps with Baltimore's offense on Friday, and apparently, it was a total disaster.  

Mallett's meltdown was documented by ESPN reporter Jamison Hensley, who noted that Mallett threw "at least" five interceptions during practice. Think about that for a second -- Hensley used the words "at least," which means Mallett threw so many interceptions that there might have actually been more that Hensley didn't see. 

Apparently, there were at least two more passes that should have been interceptions, meaning Mallett's pick total probably should have been closer to seven. The fact that Mallett once lost his starting quarterback job in Houston because he overslept and missed practice becomes less surprising by the day. 

Mallett was so bad on Friday that he eventually gave up. After his fifth interception, the quarterback waved the proverbial white flag by throwing his towel in the air. 

At one point in practice, things got so bad that Terrell Suggs started trash-talking offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. 

"Hey Marty, tell Mallett to throw to the guys wearing the purple jerseys," Suggs said, referring to the offense. 

The Ravens are only expecting Flacco to miss a week of practice at most, which is good news for Ravens fans, because I'm not sure they could survive more than one week of watching Mallett. 

Of course, if Flacco's back injury ends up keeping him out for more than a week, then Ravens coach John Harbaugh probably needs to get Colin Kaepernick to Baltimore as quickly as possible

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