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The Buffalo Bills were an incredible throw and catch from Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins away from keeping control of the AFC East. Hopkins' amazing catch with three Bills players around him gave the Arizona Cardinals a thrilling 32-30 victory -- one that sent the Bills' division lead back to just a half a game over the surging Miami Dolphins heading into their bye week. 

Micah Hyde had a front row seat to Hopkins' spectacular catch, positioned right behind his fingertip and just missing the ball himself. Like many of his teammates, Hyde took accountability for allowing the Hail Mary to be converted. 

"Me personally, I know I could've timed it up better," Hyde said, via the Bills website. "I was trapped behind him. I was too worried about him getting over top of the defense. So I stayed back and tried to force everything to be in front of me. And at the same time, when the ball was in the air, I was stuck behind him. I wasn't able to get in front.

"And then he just timed it up better. He went up first. And on a play like that, it's like basketball, rebound, whoever's up first, times it up best, they will bring it down. That ball literally just stuck to his hands. Good throw by Murray. It just stuck to his hands. He was able to bring it down."

A tough pill to swallow for Hyde, but he gave praise to Murray and Hopkins where it was due. McDermott took another approach to the play, showcasing the Bills should have never been in that position. Buffalo was up 23-9 in the second half before Arizona scored 17 unanswered points in the third quarter to take a 26-23 lead. 

The Bills didn't score again until Josh Allen found Stefon Diggs on a 21-yard touchdown pass with 34 seconds remaining on a throw that was expected to steal a win for Buffalo. Instead, Arizona took the win right back on Murray's heroics -- a scenario McDermott believes the Bills put themselves in by not holding on to a double-digit lead earlier in the game.

"They made the play, the special play they had to make to win the game and beat us," McDermott said. "But that game should not have come down to that play and, unfortunately, it did. So, we take our lumps, we live by it and we learn from it and it's got to drive you harder, man. It's got to drive us all harder to want it more.

"We felt like we came here, we made enough plays to win the football game, just didn't make one more. It's unfortunate."