Every Eagles fan is always going to remember where they were on Super Bowl Sunday when their favorite team wins its first Super Bowl title. And there's nowhere better to be than in the stadium when it happens.

All those lucky Eagles fans who were able to get a seat in U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis would be able to (truthfully) tell people where they were when Philly finally did it. 

Watching your team win it's first Super Bowl title is almost priceless. Almost, because it will actually cost several thousand dollars to be in attendance for the 2018 Super Bowl.

Last year, the "get-in price" (read: cheapest ticket) was about $2,700 for Super Bowl LI, which the Patriots won in overtime over the Falcons. A combination of a Falcons opponent that didn't create a huge market plus Patriots fatigue led to slower sales than in years past. No such luck for fans who want to get into the game this year. 

According to StubHub.com, the cheapest "get-in price" as of Thursday at noon was more than $3,100. 


And, yes, the prices are up a substantial amount -- 63 percent! -- and there is a robust market forming, largely driven by Eagles fans.

"Demand for Super Bowl LII tickets on StubHub has been incredible this year as sales are currently up 63 percent compared to last year and there has been a buyer from all 50 states and 17 different countries," StubHub spokesperson Cameron Papp told CBSSports.com. "Eagles fans lead the way with 14 percent of sales on StubHub coming from the Pennsylvania area compared to 11 percent from Massachusetts."

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Almost 10 percent of the ticket sales are coming from Minnesota, according to StubHub data, which is a decent indication we could see a large amount of Vikings fans on hand for the game, which is probably bad news for the Eagles, with most Vikings fans likely becoming Patriots fans for at least one night. That's what happens when your team beats another team and promptly treats their fans and players in horrible fashion. (Minnesotans are even threatening to go rogue on Uber and drop Eagles fans in the wrong location. At least some Eagles fans are trying to reverse the karma with charitable donations.)

After that, California (9.4 percent), Arizona (7 percent) and New York (6.5 percent) make up the biggest markets of sales on StubHub thus far. 

Some of these people may be investing in some high-priced tickets -- getting into the Delta Club that's on the field level will cost buyers north of $10,000. But the view is great!

via StubHub.com

There are also some lower-level tickets still available for the range of $7,500, which is a fairly decent price given the seat selection, the venue and the teams involved.

Bonus: anyone who purchases a ticket through StubHub will also receive an invite to a Sunday shindig to pick up their ticket. The ticket broker is bringing in 'honorary quarterback' Maria Menounos to emcee an event at Target Field (where the Twins play baseball and where fans can pick up tickets throughout the weekend) that will feature more than 7,000 (!) fans taking part in "athlete meet-and-greets, games and face painting," with some complimentary food and drinks mixed in for good measure.