Congratulations to the entire 2014 Detroit Tigers starting rotation on their World Series rings, none of which were actually won with the Detroit Tigers. 

With Max Scherzer and Anibal Sanchez as part of the Washington Nationals team that captured its first-ever World Series title on Wednesday night in Houston, all five members of the Tigers' 2014 starting rotation have gone on to win a championship in the last five years. Scherzer and Sanchez join Justin Verlander, who was on the losing end of this year's World Series with the Astros, Rick Porcello and David Price as the former Tigers starters to find glory after leaving Detroit.

Verlander won in 2017 with the Astros while Porcello and Price won last year with the Red Sox, meaning the entire rotation got it done in just three years time.

Even if you're a Tigers fan who is happy to see these guys go on to find success, it's got to be a really tough pill to swallow, especially considering the 2014 Tigers didn't win a single playoff game with that rotation. Detroit was swept in the first round by the Baltimore Orioles, which is something that doesn't even seem remotely plausible from a 2019 perspective. Also, let's just remember that the 2019 Tigers went 47-114. Not a good time to be a Tigers fan.

There's one footnote here, however, and it's that Drew Smyly was also part of the 2014 Tigers rotation, starting 18 games before ultimately being part of the trade package that brought Price to Detroit at the trade deadline. Smyly spent this season with the Phillies but is set to become a free agent this winter. It seems any and all World Series hopefuls should seriously considering signing that guy.