The Jaguars rolled over the rival Texans last week to improve to 8-8 on the season. Despite previous expectations that their subsequent Week 18 matchup with the Titans would decide their playoff fate, their win this weekend ended up improving their postseason chances altogether. As FiveThirtyEight notes, a specific scenario would allow the Jaguars to make the playoffs even if they lose their regular-season finale against Tennessee.

The Jaguars will clinch the AFC South title and the No. 4 seed in the AFC playoffs with a win over the Titans on Saturday. If, however, they lose to Tennessee and the following results occur, they will still clinch a playoff berth as a wild card team:

If the Jaguars win in Week 18 and these three results occur, then Jacksonville will make it as the AFC South champion and the Patriots would advance to the postseason as the last wild card team with a record of 8-9.

Regardless, Trevor Lawrence, Doug Pederson and the resurgent Jags have put themselves in a position to play beyond the regular season this year, and for the first time in a half-decade.