For a guy who wasn't planning to trade Odell Beckham this offseason, Giants general manager Dave Gettleman sure was talking to quite a few teams about making a possible deal. 

Before making the shocking trade with the Browns last week, it turns out that Gettleman talked to at least two other teams about his star receiver, which means that the Giants general manager talked to nearly 10 percent of the league (3 out of 31 teams).

Besides the Browns, Gettleman admitted on Monday that he also talked to the Bills and 49ers about the possibility of making a Beckham trade. With Buffalo, the talks didn't last long and that's because Bills general manager Brandon Beane made it clear that his team wasn't interested in acquiring Beckham. 

On the 49ers' end, it appears that things actually got pretty interesting. There had been speculation all offseason that the 49ers might try to make a deal for Beckham, and as it turns out, it wasn't just gossip. According to Jay Glazer of the Athletic, the 49ers actually tried "several different times" to land Beckham. The 49ers called the Giants before the trade deadline in October, and after the two sides weren't able to reach a deal, the team made another call after the 2018 season ended. 

During a press conference on Monday, Gettleman openly admitted that he had "numerous conversations" with the 49ers general manager John Lynch about Beckham. 

"We had numerous conversations over time; myself and John Lynch, the GM, and frankly we couldn't come to an agreement, so that died on the vine," Gettleman said. 

Basically, the two sides couldn't agree on what the compensation should be for Beckham. According to Glazer, a big reason the deal fell apart is because the 49ers felt that New York's asking price was too high. The Giants wanted the 49ers to give up their first-round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, and although the 49ers wanted Beckham badly, they weren't willing to sacrifice their first-round pick (No. 2 overall) to make the deal happen. 

In the end, the Giants did score a first-round pick out of the deal, just not with the 49ers. In the stunning trade that sent Beckham to the Browns, the Giants acquired Cleveland's 2019 first-round pick (No. 17 overall), one of the Browns third-round picks, plus safety Jabrill Peppers

In the end, Gettleman felt the Browns made an offer that he just couldn't turn down. 

"As I said publicly twice, we didn't sign him to trade him, but obviously things change," Gettleman said. "Frankly, what changed is a team made an offer we couldn't refuse.

As for Gettleman, his interview on Monday was the first one he's given since the Beckham trade. For more on what he had to say, be sure to click here