With Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson suspended for 11 games of the regular season for violating the league's personal conduct policy, Jacoby Brissett will now become the starter going forward. Brissett joined the team this offseason as a backup, but there was always the chance to become the starter for some of the season as the length of Watson's suspension was being finalized.

Now that it's known how many games Watson will sit out for, Brissett has a clear view of his role this season and "excited for the opportunity" to lead the Browns offense.

I don't take it lightly, obviously," Brissett said. "Just going out there, continuing to be the man that I am, the player that I am, the teammate that I am. And I think all of that stuff kind of takes care of itself and I don't have to really speak on that."

Many thought the Browns may go after San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, but the team is reportedly not interesting in adding Brissett's former teammate, at least not right now.

This will not be Brissett's first time as a starter as he started five games for the Miami Dolphins last season, two full seasons for the Indianapolis Colts before that and two games with the New England Patriots in the first season of his NFL career. 

The Browns' first regular-season game is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 11 against the Carolina Panthers on the road.