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Packers quarterback Jordan Love's girlfriend Ronika Stone practically needed a telescope to see the field during Love's first career NFL start, sitting in the very last row of Arrowhead Stadium when Green Bay played the Kansas City Chiefs. This week she got a serious seat upgrade for Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers' return, after he missed the previous week due to testing positive for COVID-19.

While Stone received far from VIP treatment at the Chiefs' home stadium, the Packers gave her a slightly better view to watch the home team take on the Seattle Seahawks at Lambeau Field. Of course, this time, her boyfriend was the backup instead of the starting quarterback.

Last week, Stone watched Love and the Packers fall to the Chiefs 13-7, but this week she was able to celebrate a victory, with the Packers shutting out the Seahawks 17-0.

While Stone's seating placement in Kansas City was all over social media, with people asking the Chiefs to upgrade Love's family, Stone says it was not that bad. 

"The view was better than it seemed I swear!" Stone exclaimed, possibly just being nice, though we will take her word for it.

Next week the Packers are on the road to take on the divisional rival Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings and Packers are not exactly friendly, so if Stone goes to the game, I imagine she will be seated pretty high up.