After a brutal first half in Baltimore that saw Joe Flacco get knocked out of the game with a concussion, things only got uglier toward the end of the Ravens' 40-0 blowout win over the Dolphins on Thursday. 

Tension between the two teams started to rise in the second quarter when Dolphins linebacker Kiko Alonso viciously hit Flacco with a shoulder to the head on a play where Alonso was flagged for unnecessary roughness, but not ejected from the game. 

After Flacco was ruled out of the game, things only got uglier between the two sides and they boiled over near the end of the fourth quarter when total chaos broke out on the field after a penalty by Ndamukong Suh

On a third-and-1 play for the Ravens from the Dolphins' 3-yard line, Suh jumped way offsides and was flagged for being unimpeded to the quarterback. 

After jumping across the line of scrimmage, Suh pushed Ravens quarterback Ryan Mallett. Mallett then responded by getting in Suh's face and yelling at the Dolphins' defensive lineman. Suh then reacted by grabbing Mallett by the throat and pushing him away. 

Ndamukong Suh grabbed Ryan Mallett by the throat NFL/CBS

Suh might not get suspended, but there's a good chance he's going to get fined because choking the opposing quarterback is definitely frowned upon in the NFL. Suh ended up getting hit with a personal foul penalty. 

Suh wasn't the only Dolphins player who was flagged on the play. Dolphins defensive end William Hayes was penalized for poking Ravens offensive lineman Austin Howard in the eye. 

After the play, Howard ran over to the ref to plead his case and to make sure that Hayes was going to get penalized for the eye poke. 

Ravens offensive lineman Austin Howard got poked in the eye.  NFL/CBS

In the end, a total of three flags were thrown on the play. Sug was flagged for a personal foul and for running unimpeded to the quarterback, while Hayes was also given a personal foul penalty. 

The Ravens were only able to accept one penalty though, which netted them exactly one and a half yards. Since Baltimore was on Miami's 3-yard line, they were only able to move half the distance to the goal line, instead of the usual 15 yards that a team is rewarded with after a personal foul penalty. 

The Ravens rubbed things in one play later by scoring a touchdown that gave them a 33-0 lead. Baltimore cornerback Jimmy Smith would also tack on a pick-six on the Dolphins' next series, which pushed the Ravens' lead to 40-0. 

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