Tough one last week. Went 2-2. Shame on me for dropping the Eagles at the last minute. Ugh. And, well the Bengals should have won that game, but what can you say. That brings us to 17-13 on the season on best bets. We are 30-15 ATS over the last three weeks combined.

But I have to be honest, I don't love this slate of games. I don't really like it at all. So I am going to limit my projections here and stick with going a little chalky. There are a few teams who I believe aren't quite as bad as their record suggests and still have plenty to play for, facing truly brutal opponents with nothing to play for.

So I'll roll that way and go a little wilder next week.

Seattle Seahawks -6.5 at Houston Texans

Latest Odds: Houston Texans +9.5

Russ is back, baby! And they'll let him cook against a terrible Texans defense. Houston lacks a pass rush and coverage and just cut one of its few remaining decent defenders, again, in Zach Cunningham. The Seahawks still have some playoff life and the Texans are basically playing without a quarterback these days. I see this getting ugly. And fast.

And I don't see a scenario where the Texans can play from behind and not have it snowball even further. Too much Wilson for the Texans.

New Orleans Saints -6.5 at New York Jets

Latest Odds: New York Jets +4.5

The Jets defense is awful. I understand the Saints offensive issues, but they have one of the better TD differentials in the NFC, they have a legit defense, they are getting healthier and, did I mention the Jets can't stop anyone? They'll turn Zach Wilson over a few times and score on defense and run the rock to glory ... Or at least a solid victory by a touchdown or more.