Mac Jones hasn't even been the quarterback of the New England Patriots for a full year, but he's already helping the team accomplish things that it never pulled off a single time during Tom Brady's 20 years with the franchise. 

The Patriots thrashed the Browns 45-7 on Sunday in a win that came three weeks after they destroyed the Jets 54-13. Both of those games were played at Gillette Stadium, which is notable, because it marks the first time in franchise history that the Patriots have scored 45 or more points in consecutive home games. 

After beating the Jets in Week 7, the Patriots went on the road for two weeks before returning home in Week 10 to face the Browns. The fact that the Patriots had never accomplished this feat a single time is almost impossible to believe when you consider that Brady spent 20 years in Foxborough and that he played on some of the best NFL teams ever during that time. 

In 2007, the Patriots had one of the best teams in NFL history and they only crossed the 45-point mark at home a grand total of one time. The closest Brady came to matching the mark came in 2014 when the Patriots scored 43 and 51 in consecutive homes games, which doesn't quite meet the 45-point threshold. 

One big reason the Patriots were able to put up so many points against the Browns is because of how well Jones has been playing. The rookie quarterback was nearly perfect on a day where he threw three touchdowns while completing 82.6% of his passes. 

As good as Jones was, he wasn't willing to take any credit for the Patriots scoring outburst after the game. In pure Patriots' fashion, he made sure to credit the team. 

"Overall, great team win and that's how you want to play the game of football," Jones said. "I think it starts with the offensive line, they deserve all the credit in the world. We did hear a lot about obviously Cleveland's front and they have a good front and we have a really good offensive line, and I'm proud of them. And then obviously everyone making the plays that they were supposed to make, they did a great job and that's what happens when you play football like that. You score a lot of points and it becomes way more fun and you're scoring touchdowns and the defense is going out, they are getting stops. Special teams are making their plays, so it's just a three-level game and when we click on all cylinders, we can be pretty good."

Jones is right, this team can definitely be pretty good. In a wide-open AFC, the Patriots are starting to look like one of the strongest contenders in the conference. For a deeper look at the Patriots' win, be sure to click here. If you want to know one big reason why Mac Jones has been so successful, feel free to click here to read about his blossoming connection with tight end Hunter Henry

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