Ask any human alive to provide a list of the four best teams in the NFL right now, and close to 100 percent of the respondents are going to include the Cowboys. It won't be everyone, though, because at least one prominent NFL analyst won't put them in there.

On ESPN's pregame show Sunday, a group that included Randy Moss, Charles Woodson, Matt Hasselbeck and Trent Dilfer summoned their inner College Football Playoff committee spirit and picked their top four "playoff" teams.

Dilfer revealed his list first, and had the Raiders over the Cowboys at No. 1. Then Woodson flipped it and put Dallas No. 1 overall. Then Moss dropped the bomb of Moss not having the Cowboys on his list, which led to a lot of sports shouting.

Moss: I'm going to tell you what. Mine don't look nothing like that, I'll tell you that. Leave the Dallas Cowboys out, man. Y'all going on records. I'm going on who is ready for the playoffs and who has the experience. The reason I put the Kansas City Chiefs in there is because they can go anywhere.

Woodson: The Cowboys are going to be the first team to clinch a playoff berth!

Moss: I don't care about that.They might be the first team to exit!

The other teams on Moss' list? The Patriots (No. 1), the Raiders (No. 2), the Chiefs (No. 3) and the Seahawks (No. 4).

The Chiefs have been excellent this year and have a shot at taking over the AFC West lead on Thursday night with a matchup against the Raiders.

But the Cowboys are 11-1. They've already clinched a playoff spot. They could clinch home-field advantage as early as next week if they beat the Giants. They're steamrolling everyone in their path.

Maybe Moss is right and they catch someone getting hot in the playoffs and lose. But right now it's tough to keep them out as one of the four best teams in the NFL.