One of the biggest surprises in the NFL this season has been the play of the Patriots' offense. Through three weeks, the Patriots are ranked 25th or lower in yards per game, passing yards per game and total points. 

Depending on who you ask, things are now getting to the point where Rob Gronkowski may or may not be getting frustrated with the team's offense. 

If you ask Chris Gronkowski, then Rob is definitely frustrated. During an interview with WEEI this week, Chris said it was Rob's body language told the entire story. 

"I can just tell by his emotions and his facial features that he's super frustrated with it," Chris said. "You can see at the end of the game how [the Lions] ended the game double-covering him, pressing him off the line. He just wants to get the ball in his hands and make plays. You just can't do it when nobody else is getting open."

If Gronk is drawing double-teams, then someone should be open, but that's not that's happening. 

"Usually a tight end is being covered by a linebacker, who really can't cover anyone," Chris said, via the Boston Globe. "When you're giving up two of your best defenders -- two safeties or a corner and a safety -- to cover a tight end, your guys on the outside should be able to win."

Watching the Patriots offense through the first three weeks of the season hasn't been easy for Chris.  

"It's just super frustrating to watch, and they've got to figure something out," Chris said. 

Rob was asked about his brother's comments on Wednesday, and let's just say it seems that the two don't see eye-to-eye on the subject. Although Gronk admitted to being frustrated, he said it had nothing to do with the team's offensive play. 

"I mean, I'm frustrated -- well I mean, the frustration comes from the aspect of the losses," Rob said, via quotes distributed by the Patriots. "Just got to get back on track of practicing, focusing on the Dolphins, doing what we've got to do out on the practice field and studying film."

Rob also made it clear that if he was frustrated, he probably wouldn't tell his brother. 

"I mean, he doesn't speak for myself and he knows he doesn't," Rob said. "But he probably just got caught up a little bit. Just got to move on, buy his ice shaker I guess and that's all."

Wait, tell us more about this ice shaker...

"I mean I feel like he probably was going on for a promotion thing for his ice shaker," Rob said. "I mean, because he's been on Shark Tank with it, he's teamed up with [Alex Rodriguez] so it's actually a pretty big deal. So I guess buy his ice shaker is what he was trying to get to and then he probably got caught up in all that nonsense."

What this means is that Gronk is either frustrated with the Patriots offense, not frustrated with the Patriots offense or this was all a ploy to sell more ice shakers. 

If Gronk is frustrated with the offense, there's a chance some of those frustrations could be going away in the coming weeks. The Patriots will be getting Julian Edelman back in Week 5 and they also have Josh Gordon, who should get better each week as he learns more and more of the team's offense.