Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Seattle Seahawks
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Ready or not, here comes another NFL offseason filled with waffled rumors on whether the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson will continue their marriage or call it quits and look to betroth themselves to someone new. It will mark the second consecutive offseason in which this is the case, after 2021 found itself plastered with headlines when Wilson's agent -- knowing his client has a no-trade clause -- listed four other specific teams the Pro Bowl quarterback would be open to playing for, namely the Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders, Chicago Bears and New Orleans Saints. 

After weeks of speculation on if the Seahawks would trade a then-disgruntled Wilson, they waived off all comers and kept Wilson onboard for what's now devolved into a 6-10 season heading into the Week 18 finale against the Arizona Cardinals. In December, reports surfaced the Seahawks were expected to be involved in trade talks for their future Hall of Fame QB, per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, but less than a month later, it's now being reported they have no plans on doing so -- per Mike Garofolo of NFL Network

For his part, Wilson made his plans for the future known this week, in a rather definitive statement that carries a polar opposite tone to the air he stood in this past offseason. 

"My goal is to win more Super Bowls," Wilson said, "And my plan is to win one here. It's that simple." 

Time will tell how it all [finally] shakes out in Seattle, but it's clear things are far from settled as it relates to the team's plan for righting the ship for the future, because things aren't turning out as they had planned when they opted to forego any trade offers -- most notably a passionate push by the Chicago Bears -- to keep Wilson in tow. Initially, it was the defense that struggled while Wilson consistently attempted to save the day, but Wilson struggled to regain his mojo after suffering injury to his throwing hand in Week 5.

The Seahawks went on to lose five of eight games following his return in Week 10, and while the tailspin isn't completely on Wilson (it's also on head coach Pete Carroll and others), it does beg the question of if it's time for a parting of ways in 2022. If a divorce does arrive in act two of this play, it'll be interesting to see where Wilson lands, considering the at least two of the four teams that were initially named by his agent are presumably no longer in play. 

The Bears drafted Justin Fields in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft after the Seahawks ignored their advances, and the Dallas Cowboys answered with a historic contract awarded to two-time Pro Bowl quarterback Dak Prescott. That leaves only the Las Vegas Raiders and the New Orleans Saints, and with the former still seemingly all-in on Derek Carr, that leaves the latter, begging the question of just how committed Sean Payton would be to Jameis Winston if Wilson is made available. It was made clear by Wilson that he wants to play 20 years or more in the league, but that doesn't mean it'll be in Seattle.

Although, at least right now, that's where he's aimed.

Key words: right now.