Updates on Ryan Shazier have been positive but vague in the two months since the Steelers linebacker suffered a tragic spinal injury. Finally, on Sunday, the very specific update we've all be hoping for arrived via ESPN's Adam Schefter. 

According to Schefter, Shazier is walking again ("engaging in a regular walking routine" were Schefter's exact words) after regaining movement in his legs. Schefter reported that he was released from the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute on Thursday.

"He's making incredible progress," one source told Schefter.

Later on Sunday, NBC's Michele Tafoya clarified Schefter's report. According to Tafoya's report, Shazier is not walking on his own. He still needs assistance from a walker or other people.

Shazier suffered the injury, which ended his season, on Dec. 4 when he made a fairly innocuous tackle with his head down. He didn't get back up. Eventually, he had to be stretchered and carted off the field. He went to the hospital where he remained for a couple of days before flying back to Pittsburgh. Two days after the injury, he underwent spinal stabilization surgery. Less than two weeks later, he began rehab. 

Updates throughout the process have often been positive, but also vague. In the immediate aftermath, the Steelers referenced his improvement, but declined to disclose any specific details. Shazier showed up to a Steelers game two weeks after the injury. He visited his teammates at the Steelers' facility shortly after. In January, Shazier's dad revealed that he had feelings in his legs, but declined to say if he could walk. Now, thanks to Schefter and Tafoya's report, we know that he can, in fact, walk again with assistance.

That's tremendous news, but as Schefter reported in his story, the next several months will be critical:

The next three to six months are critical in his recovery and will provide a significant idea how much more function Shazier can regain. But for now, the fact that he is out of the hospital and moving his legs and walking is a positive sign.

Shazier, 25, has been one of the Steelers' most important players since the team used the 15th overall pick on him in the 2014 draft, earning two trips to the Pro Bowl. But at this point, his future in football is secondary to his future in life. 

Sunday's news was the best news that's been made public since he suffered the injury two months ago. Hopefully, positive updates continue to emerge in the months to come.