One day after Michael Thomas stole the show against the Rams with an homage to Joe Horn, Kevin Byard did the same with a tribute to Terrell Owens. After intercepting Dak Prescott in the end zone, Byard and a few other Titans defenders went to midfield to celebrate on the Cowboys' star. Just like when Owens celebrated, No. 31 of the Cowboys took issue with the celebration, with Byron Jones coming out to shove Byard off the star after he started dancing on it.

Byard was surprised that he got away with the dance, saying that he thought the fallout of his celebration would be much worse.

"I just ran to the star to celebrate," Byard said after the game, per "I was actually expecting somebody to knock my head off. Then we just started dancing. I was like, if we get to the 50, if we get enough guys to the 50, we are just going to start dancing on the star. It's just like every game, before every game, we go to the middle of the field and we break it down, just let everybody know we are here to play ball. That's kind of how I thought about it."

The move is doubly funny coming from Byard, given that Deion Sanders didn't know who he was during a Twitter exchange in the offseason. It's safe to say that Sanders knows the All-Pro safety now.

The Titans went on to win 28-14 in a dominant defensive performance, despite the Titans losing two fumbles in the first quarter. The Titans are now 5-3 on the season, and within striking distance of the streaking Texans.

Byard may end up getting fined for the display on grounds of taunting, per Tom Pelissero. However, you've got to think it's worth coming out of Dallas with a big primetime win.