When Tony Romo revealed his prediction for Super Bowl LIII last week, he very noticeably left the Patriots out of the game and we only say "very noticeably" because Tom Brady definitely noticed that his team got the squeeze, despite playing in three of the past four Super Bowls. 

If you somehow missed Romo's Super Bowl pick, the former Cowboys quarterback doesn't see the 2018 season ending with Brady playing in the NFL's biggest game. Instead, Romo's early prediction is that the Packers and Jaguars will be playing each other in Atlanta on Feb. 3, 2019. As fate would have it, Romo will actually be calling that game with Jim Nantz on CBS. 

So how does Brady feel about Romo's pick?

As with all things Brady this offseason, you have to go to Instagram to find out. Brady is basically an Instagram machine who uses the app more than my teenage cousin. At some point over the past few days, Brady noticed that the NFL had shared Romo's pick on the league Instagram page and in a move that came as a surprise to no one, Brady left a comment. 

Here's what Brady had to say. 

"We will see Tony, we will see!" Brady wrote. 

Tom Brady doesn't seem to agree with Tony Romo's Super Bowl pick.  Instagram/NFL

Although that reply sounds innocent, let's be honest, that's almost certainly Brady's passive-aggressive way of saying there's no way the Jags are getting to the Super Bowl over the Patriots. 

One other quarterback also responded to Romo's pick and that quarterback was Aaron Rodgers. During an interview with NFL Network over the weekend, the Packers quarterback was asked his thoughts about being picked to play in the Super Bowl. 

Apparently, Rodgers was slightly disappointed in Romo's pick because he was hoping the Packers would "fly under-the-radar" this year. 

"I wish that he wouldn't say things like that because it's kind of better to fly under-the-radar sometimes, especially in the NFC," Rodgers said. 

Sorry Aaron, the Packers will never fly under any radar as long as you're the quarterback. 

"You look around and a lot of teams, on paper, seem to get better," Rodgers said. "You have the reigning Super Bowl champions in the NFC and then, just in our division, Minnesota is a very talented team and Detroit and Chicago as well. The NFC North has always been a difficult division. That's our first goal, trying to get out of there and the rest is getting to the playoffs and playing your best."

And just in case he wasn't clear the first time, Rodgers brought up the radar again, "I like to fly under-the-radar a little bit."

If this whole Jaguars-Packers pick doesn't pan out in Super Bowl LIII, I have to say, Brady vs. Rodgers would be a nice consolation.