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Tom Brady has been an NFL starter for 21 years, and in each of those seasons his team has always finished with a winning record. The closest Brady has ever come to finishing below .500 came in 2002 when he went just 9-7 during his second year as a starter. 

Despite those impressive facts, there are a lot of gamblers out there who are betting AGAINST Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year. Not only are the Buccaneers the most popular "under" bet at Caesars Sportsbook, but there's also been tons of money bet on them to have the NFL's WORST record this season. 

As a matter of fact, among all the teams in the NFL, the Buccaneers have had the fifth-most money bet on them to have the league's worst record. Only the the Bears, Browns, Seahawks and Steelers have more money riding on them to be the worst team in the league, according to Max Meyer of Caesars Sportsbook

One bettor at Caesars in Virginia has bet $300 at 350-to-1 odds that the Buccaneers will have the worst record in the NFL this year. If that happens, the gambler will pocket a cool $105,000. Another bettor has also placed a big wager on the Bucs to have the worst record. A gambler in Louisiana bet $250 that the Bucs would be the worst team and this person got 450-to-1 odds, which means they'll pocket $112,500 if the Buccaneers totally implode. 

As for their over/under, the Buccaneers win total was set at 11.5, and right now, they're getting more under bets than any other team in the NFL. Of all the over/under bets to come in on Tampa Bay, a whopping 87.8% of them are on the under. The only teams remotely close to that total are the Cardinals (87.3%) and Bears (85.1%), who are also receiving a bunch of bets on the under (The Cardinals win total is set at nine while the Bears' total is set at six). 

The people betting on the under seem quite confident that the under is going to hit, and we know that because the Buccaneers have been hit with the two biggest under bets at Caesars this year. 

As for me, my rule of thumb is to never bet against Tom Brady because betting against Tom Brady almost always ends up costing you money, so I will not be betting Tampa Bay's under or on the Buccaneers to have the worst record.