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The Bottom 25 Playoff race got a lot more interesting over the weekend. Both Arizona and UNLV picked up their first wins of the season, meaning no more winless teams remain at the FBS level. The Rebels went on the road and beat New Mexico by two touchdowns, while Arizona faced a California team stripped bare by COVID protocols. Of course, how the win comes doesn't matter.

What matters is the win. Good teams or bad teams, every player on every team in the country dedicates a lot of time and energy to playing 12 games per season, as do the coaches on the sideline. Every one of them deserves at least one win per season, one chance to feel the rush of victory and the sense that all the work they put in was worth it.

Because of the tongue-in-cheek nature of this column, some people don't think I'm sincere when I say that I root for all of these teams, but I am. For me, seeing UNLV and Arizona pick up wins on Saturday was more exciting than anything else that happened on the field. Their wins also impact our playoff race. UNLV was ranked at No. 4 last week, while Arizona was ranked No. 5. Both fall this week, but how far? And who moved up to replace them? Let's find out.

No Longer Ranked: No. 21 Old Dominion, No. 20 Colorado, No. 18 North Texas