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The Pac-12's preseason media poll has been released ahead of the conference's media day on Tuesday, and Oregon has been tabbed as the overwhelming favorite to win the title in the 2021 season. The Ducks received 27 of the 40 possible votes to win the Pac-12 Championship Game, followed by USC with 10 and Utah with three. 

Of course, if Oregon is a heavy favorite to win the Pac-12 title, then it should also be a heavy favorite to win the Pac-12 North. The Ducks received 38 out of 40 first-place votes to win the division, followed by Washington with two first-place votes. The Pac-12 South was a bit more spread out with USC receiving 27 first-place votes, while Utah (6), Arizona State (6) and UCLA (1) all received votes as well. 

Here's how the entire preseason Pac-12 Media Poll played out. First-place votes are in parenthesis. 

Pac-12 North 

1. Oregon (38)
2. Washington (2)
3. Cal
4. Stanford
5. Oregon State
6. Washington State

Pac-12 South

1. USC (27)
2. Utah (6)
3. Arizona State (6)
4. UCLA (1)
5. Colorado
6. Arizona

Pac-12 Championship Game winner: Oregon (27), USC (10), Utah (3)