Yes, the top-two quarterbacks in Fantasy Football have projections and expectations higher than everyone else in the game. But the quarterback position is also the absolute deepest it's ever been. I mean ever

It's going to create an intriguing dilemma on Draft Day — chase the stud quarterbacks within the first 24 picks, or settle for what could turn out to be incredible value in Round 5 or later? And here's the kicker: Because there are so many start-worthy quarterbacks, you could whiff on one in September and October, pick up someone off waivers and still go on to have a wildly successful year. Everyone who took a chance on Ryan Tannehill last year knows how that went. Also, I still can't believe Tannehill did that

If there's one rule to follow, it's this: YOU REACH, YOU LOSE. I've been saying that for years and it's especially true of quarterbacks in 2020. 

More tiers and strategies:

Mahomes and Lamar
After 25th if you can
Second Tier
Rounds 5-6
Third Tier
Round 9
Fourth Tier
Rounds 9-10

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