Preseason football may be some four months off, but the NFL wants to give you time to get adequately pumped for what amounts to glorified practices. That's right: On Thursday, the league announced the 2016 preseason schedule in all its meaningless glory.

Meaningless may be an overstatement; the preseason is when jobs are won and rosters are made. It also provides hapless fans of hopeless franchises a chance to feel like this is the year.

After the NFL Draft, we'll get a better sense of which games will be worth your attention, but in the meantime we'll pencil in these Week 1 matchups as noteworthy, too (at least for the first couple of series, anyway).

* Packers vs. Colts (Hall of Fame Game): Aaron Rodgers! Andrew Luck! And more than three quarters of football played by guys who won't be on the roster in September! Good news: Football is officially back. Bad news: The Hall of Fame game is notoriously boring, even by NFL preseason standards. When the game was announced in February, Rodgers was predictably underwhelmed:

Rodgers said way back in September that, "We hope we don't get [the Hall of Fame game] but we know it's going to be tough because No. 4 is going to be going in." No. 4 is Brett Favre, who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame the day before the game.

Sorry, Aaron.

* Cowboys vs. Rams: Tony Romo! Case Keenum! Again, we'll probably see very little from the starters, but the bigger storyline (as far as preseason storylines go) is that the Cowboys will be the first opponent of the new (old) Los Angeles Rams. Let's hope things turn out better than the last time these two teams met in the preseason.

* Browns vs. Packers: A year ago, the Browns were facing the Redskins in the preseason Week 1 matchup, and it was one we billed as Robert Griffin III vs. Johnny Manziel. Yeah, that didn't pan out. But maybe this is the year RG3 rights the ship. He's now with the Browns and presumably, he'll make his debut against the Packers, a development Aaron Rodgers is no doubt stoked about.

Also notable: The Broncos and 49ers are scheduled to face in Week 2 of the preseason, and it's anyone's guess which uniform Colin Kaepernick will be wearing by mid-August.

The 2015 NFL preseason will kick off with the Vikings facing the Steelers. (Getty Images)
The preseason will kick off in Canton again, this time with the Packers facing the Colts. (Getty Images)

Mark your calendars accordingly: Here's the entire 2016 NFL preseason schedule:

Date Hall of Fame Game, Canton, Ohio Network
Aug 7 Green Bay vs. Indianapolis (Hall of Fame Game) 8 pm EST/ESPN
Aug 11-15 Week 1 Network/Date
  Dallas at Los Angeles
Carolina at Baltimore
Cleveland at Green Bay
Denver at Chicago
Detroit at Pittsburgh
Houston at San Francisco
Indianapolis at Buffalo
Jacksonville at NY Jets
Miami at NY Giants
Minnesota at Cincinnati
New Orleans at New England
Oakland at Arizona
San Diego at Tennessee
Seattle at Kansas City
Tampa Bay at Philadelphia
Washington at Atlanta
ESPN, Aug. 13

Aug 18-22 Week 2 Network/Date

Arizona at San Diego
Atlanta at Cleveland
Baltimore at Indianapolis
Carolina at Tennessee
Chicago at New England
Cincinnati at Detroit
Kansas City at Los Angeles
Miami at Dallas
Minnesota at Seattle
New Orleans at Houston
NY Giants at Buffalo
NY Jets at Washington
Oakland at Green Bay
Philadelphia at Pittsburgh
San Francisco at Denver
Tampa Bay at Jacksonville


Aug 25-28 Week 3 Network/Date
  Atlanta at Miami
Cleveland at Tampa Bay
Tennessee at Oakland
San Diego at Minnesota
Arizona at Houston
Cincinnati at Jacksonville
Buffalo at Washington
Dallas at Seattle
Detroit at Baltimore
Green Bay at San Francisco
Kansas City at Chicago
Los Angeles at Denver
New England at Carolina
NY Giants at NY Jets
Philadelphia at Indianapolis
Pittsburgh at New Orleans

NBC, Aug. 25
CBS, Aug. 26 
CBS, Aug. 27 
FOX, Aug. 28 
FOX, Aug. 28
NBC, Aug. 28 

Sept 1-2 Week 4 Network/Date
  Baltimore at New Orleans
Buffalo at Detroit
Chicago at Cleveland
Denver at Arizona
Green Bay at Kansas City
Houston at Dallas
Indianapolis at Cincinnati
Jacksonville at Atlanta
Los Angeles at Minnesota
New England at NY Giants
NY Jets at Philadelphia
Pittsburgh at Carolina
San Francisco at San Diego
Seattle at Oakland
Tennessee at Miami
Washington at Tampa Bay